DVMach Evo

Automatic hydraulic divider





DVMach Evo Hydraulic divider is an automatic machine suitable for dividing —  just in one working step — an up to 20-kg weight dough mass into 10 or 20 dough pieces of the same shape and weight.  Its flexibility of use is further enhanced through the options such as “ grid” for small size dough pieces and “adjustment of pressing” allowing low hydration dough to be easily worked.












Standard features :

  • Steel structural frame on casters, epoxy powder-coated and thermoformed ABS outer paneling.
  • Bowl,  bowl surface unit and blades made of stainless steel.
  • Single-unit dividers and lid internal surface made of polyethylene.
  • Lid equipped with ergonomic handle and assisted closing/opening system.
  • Flour collecting device to reduce flour powder dispersion in the environment.
  • Hydraulic operating: the pump is driven by a “stop & go” microprocessor device suitable for optimization of operating time and mechanical stress and oil temperature reduction.
  • 18-liter capacity oil tank.


  • Central control panel including all operational and control functions.
  • Bowl max. capacity: 20 kg.
  • Dough pieces ranging from 160 to 2000 g
  • 10 and 20 divisions, extendable by opting for grids with further dividing grids (option).
  • DVMach Evo is available as: standard version and version pre-arranged for application of a grid; both configurations can be equipped with a pressing adjustment device enabling low hydration dough  to be easily worked.
  • For the AGP version (with grid adapter and double pressing device): Hex can be applied to achieve 35 hexagonal dough pieces of  40-90 g ( dough capacity: 1400-3150 g).





Accessories :

  • Further dividing grids for various shape sizes on pre-arranged models only;  refer to technical drawing on the following page.
  • Rectangular dough storage tub: 480x360mm and 140mm width suitable for dough pieces to be loaded into the bowl


  • Rack for 8 dough storage tubs:  585x575x1880 mm 
  • Plastic plate to be used in case of dividing through an only one grid in order to easily remove dough pieces.



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