Conical rounder




The AC conical rounder is used to round portions of dough and prepare them for the subsequent operations.

Dividing the dough, both manually and mechanically, causes the fibres to break along the cutting line. The intermediate rounding operation "closes" the portions, giving them a spherical form and, by recomposing the fibres, promotes uniform slackening of the dough,  enhancing its workability.



The channels curvature and their distance with respect to the rotating cone are studied, to achieve the ideal spherical shape depending on the weight range of the dough pieces.

The conical rounder can be fed in line by SP volumetric dividers. The machine outlet is normally coupled to FE long moulders or ECP intermediate provers.





  • SA: Hot air-blower to facilitate the processing of particularly slack and sticky dough.
  • SU: Powered exit belt planned for coupling the conical rounder to other machines, especially to FE long moulders. 


    • SF: Long moulding device mounted on the conical rounder structure including an adjustable pressing device suitable for the production of loaves max. 450 mm. long.



Standard features

  • Teflon-coated aluminium feed channels.
  • Belt transmission system that guarantees reliability and quiet operation.
  • Mechanical flour duster.
  • Teflon coated grooving cone.


 Construction :

  • Steel structure mounted on wheels.
  • Outer casing painted with dual cycle anti-corrosion treatment using epoxy powders (food contact).
  • Natural aluminum cast rotating cone with vertical grooving

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