Conical rounder




AC conical rounder is used to round pieces of dough and make them ready for the successive processing stages.  Dividing of dough, both mechanically and manually, causes a tearing of fibres along the line of cut. An intermediate rounding stage “closes” the dough pieces conferring them a spherical shape and — due to a recollection of fibres — enables dough to flatten homogeneously as well as to improve its workability. The curvilinear channels and their





distance, incomparison with the rotating cone, are developed, for the different models, in order to achieve the ideal spherical shape according to the weight range of dough pieces. The conical rounder  is to be fed in line by SP volumetric divider.  On delivery of dough pieces, the machine is usually to couple with ECP intermediate proofer or FE long loaf moulder.





  • SA: Hot-air blower to facilitate processing of particularly slack  and sticky dough.
  • SU: Powered delivery conveyor belt, pre-arranged to couple conical rounder with other machines, FE long loaf  moulder, in particular.



  • SF: Long loaf moulder fitted on the conical rounder equipped with an adjustable pressing device suitable for an output of loaves with max. 450-mm length.



Standard features

  • Belt transmission system assuring top reliability and noiseless machine operating.
  • Mechanical flour duster.
  • Teflon-coated grooved cone. 



 Construction :

  • Steel structural frame on casters.
  • Outer casing painted with dual cycle anti-corrosion treatment using epoxy powders (food contact).
  • Aluminium casting with vertical grooves.
  • Teflon-coated aluminium casting curved channels.

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