EGR-2B Evo

Automatic group for rolled bread




EGR-2B Evo automatic group is a machine suitable for bread-making dough, composed of a rotary divider, a first moulder, a rest belt, a second turnable moulder and a long loaf moulding device that,  through various sequences and combinations while processing, are able to provide all kinds of traditional shapes related to rolled bread (“banana”, “mantovane”, “filoncini”, “biove”, “maggiolini” and so on) as well as rolled and long loaves up to 480 mm. Additionally, the application of UL  option, i.e.





 “conveyor belt with delivery on the side” , allows the pieces of dough to be collected before moulding or  enables the group to be combined with conical and screw rounder.   Both feeding conveyor belt, lowered to a height of 1045 mm  to facilitate loading of dough and powered  conveyor belt to collect pieces of dough while being delivered from the second moulder, make the use of the machine group further more ergonomic and comfortable.




Controls :

  • EGR-2B Evo  group is standard equipped with electronic control panel, controlled by a microprocessor. Once selected the 1– or 2-way system of cut and thickness of dough pieces,  both weight and hourly output of dough pieces (values shown on display) are to be set by the operator through a digital keyboard. Working speed and length of dough pieces are set automatically by the microprocessor. Adjustment function of dough piece weight to compensate slight +/- weight deviations, due to a variation of dough specific weight during processing, is also included in the electronic control panel.  Value of +/- correction shown on display.
  • Double start/stop controls of the divider placed at the exit of  second moulder.





  • UL  conveyor belt for delivery on the side, placed between head and first moulder, suitable for dough pieces to be collected  by-passing the stage of moulding.






Standard features:

  • Steel structural frame on casters.
  • Double painted anti-corrosion cycle and epoxy powder-coated outer paneling (suitable for food contact).
  • 24 Volt low voltage electric control  panel.
  • Feeding conveyor belt, 1045 mm high, moving forward automatically, with self-adjustable system for dough loading at the head of divider and controlled by an electromagnetic detector to prevent any clogging up.
  • Divider head with dividing system through rotating blades and suitable for processing single or double pieces.  A particularly reliable mechanics allows the dough pieces not only to vary in length and thickness but also to be made in a wide variety of shapes.
  • Conveyor belts widening out on delivery of divider to adjust 1– or 2-way output.
  • Quality and reliability of mechanical components, along with accurate processing and assembling, assure constant output  and precision of dough piece weight.




  • Teflon-coated stainless steel blades, easy to change for a 1– or 2-way work processing and assuring a degree of precision while cutting and then dividing dough pieces.
  • First 4-cylinder moulder with stainless steel tray for collecting dough pieces, second turnable 3-cylinder moulder with collecting conveyor belt and powered independently.  Available working width:  460mm to allow a 2-way processing and avoid any possible contact between dough pieces.
  • Double anti-waste device on both moulders, adjustable through micrometric steering for better rolling up of larger or  dry dough pieces.
  • Stop device of upper conveyor belt in both moulders; in deactivating the rolling up process, a simple rolling of dough pieces is allowed.
  • Long loaf moulding belt with adjustable pressing device incorporated in the machine to extend dough pieces after passing from first moulder and to shape long rolled loaves up to 480 mm.

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