Automatic volumetric divider


SP is a volumetric divider developed to divide with a high degree of precision fresh or moderately risen dough into dough pieces of  variable weight and size depending on requirements as well as to feed automatically those machines to use for the successive  processing stages in the production line.

Designed to be used for intensive and heavy workloads, SP volumetric divider is particularly




suitable for artisan and industrial bakeries and pastry shops making a substantial or above average output.  Developed to be fed by self-tipping mixers or bowl elevators and, through  different versions, to feed various types of machines (rounder, long loaf moulder, moulder etc.), SP divider is considered to be the  “core” of an ideal automatic production line.






Standard features :

  • Cast iron structural frame.
  • Double painted anti-corrosion cycle and epoxy powder-coated outer paneling (suitable for food contact).
  • Weighing group made of special alloys,  high-resistant and stainless steel dividing blade between hopper and main machine chamber.  
  • Lubrication through an individually adjustable 6-delivery automatic pump.
  • Speed variator to set the pace of work.
  • Pre-selection device for piece counting: number of pieces to produce set by the operator,  automatic stop of divider once the quantity set is reached. In case of halfway stop, pieces not yet produced for achievement of quantities required are displayed on the counter.
  • 24 V low voltage electric control panel.
  • Protection and safety devices developed in compliance with the strictest safety standards against injuries: the electric system, in particular,  is connected through safety microswitches  both to cases and hoppers, equipped - for all versions- with grid or mobile closing plate. 
  • Machine fitted on two fixed wheels and one caster.


 Version planned for single or double piece output: selection made through a suitable mechanical device put on the dividing piston. Models available either with delivery on the front or on the side and adjustable in height, enabling various combinations: for both versions, delivery conveyor composed of two separate belts, whose speed may be set differentiated while moving forward in order to interpose the product while processing on double pieces output.  Change of speed through a 2-position suitable and reliable mechanical selector.  Stainless steel mechanical and adjustable flour duster activated through the motion of powered conveyor belt.


Version planned for single piece output only:  particularly suitable for large size bread output.  Mechanical  brush– type  flour duster with independent motor for models with delivery on the front and with motion from the conveyor belt for the model with side outflow.


Versions pre-arranged for double pieces of dough output only: with front delivery conveyor belt divided in two parts, at a differentiated speed. Mechanical brush-type flour duster with independent motor.





Standard configuration - SP with front exit

  • 500-mm delivery belt.
  • Control panel on the left-hand side (operator in front of delivery conveyor belt ).
  • Machine without hopper for which an order is compulsory to be placed among the models shown on the annexed page.


SP with delivery on the front - Options/Accessories

  •  700-mm delivery belt
  • Control panel on the opposite side
  • Stainless steel outer paneling
  • Rolling belt fitted on delivery conveyor belt to work soggy an    sticky dough.



Standard configurations - SP with side exit

  • 574-mm  delivery belt
  • Control panel on the right-hand side (operator in front of deli-very conveyor belt).
  • Machine without hopper for which an order is compulsory to be placed among the models shown on the following  page.


SP with delivery on the side — Options

  • 1344-mm delivery belt
  • 1540-mm delivery belt
  • Control panel and conveyor belt on the opposite side.





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