Bun divider rounder




E-Round is a bun divider rounder with an automatic, semi-automatic or manual oscillating plate, improved in its aesthetic and ergonomic qualities, functionality and safety as well. It is suitable for dividing and rounding all kinds of dough in order to achieve round buns of variable weight, without affecting the rising


process of kneading dough. Through a slight motion of the forming plate, buns can be perfectly shaped by adjusting manually both intensity of pressing and time of making buns according to the kind of dough to be worked.








Standard features :

  • Aluminium structure for dividing and forming group, Teflon outer paneling and stainless steel blades.
  • Three rounding interchangeable plates made of non-toxic material (standard supply).



  • Plate-holder for plates made of aluminium.
  • Dividing, pressing and rounding through a noiseless hydraulic system.




  • Painted steel structural frame on wheels.



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