Hexagonal shape divider



DIE/37  is a divider used mainly for making hexagonal-shaped pieces of dough, pre-set for the forming step to follow and able to make shapes of bread such as “rosetta”, “tartaruga” and so on.









Standard features :

  • Automatic hydraulic divider for 37 hexagonal-shaped divisions, height of hexagon: 57 mm (DIE/37) and 60 mm (DIE/37 M).
  • Plate width: 65 mm.
  • Polyethylene-coated bowl bottom suitable for food contact.
  • 24 Volt low voltage control panel.
  • Electronic device to adjust strength and time of pressing.




  • Homogeneous flattening of dough pieces with a dividing degree of precision enabling the dough pieces to be extremely regular both in shape and weight.
  • Fully automatic working cycle, including stop at the end of the cycle and opening of the cover.
  • Bowl capacity and sizes of dough pieces:  5000 g  (DIE/37) dough pieces ranging from 40÷130g and 5500 g dough pieces (DIE/37 M) ranging from 45÷150g.


  • Painted steel structural frame.
  • Bowl, cover and blades made of stainless steel.

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