The electric, gas or diesel Esmach-Bongard ovens guarantee perfect baking for each type of production: small, medium-sized and large pieces of bread, or pizzas and pastries.

Our range includes ovens with fixed or rotating trolleys, ovens with shelves and modular ovens for stone baking.

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forni gas cottura esmach

 The advantages of our ovens

Esmach-Bongard ovens are compact, and they optimise the space in bakeries by guaranteeing a maximum baking surface. They cook small and large oven-baked products perfectly,homogeneously and evenly.


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For Bakeries and Pastry shops, 1 rack for sheets of 400x600 mm

For bakeries and pastry shops, 1 rack for trays of 400x600 mm

Annular pipes steam oven - Fuel-oil / Gas

Modular electric oven for baking bread, pastries, pizzas, gastronomy products.


Electric dome oven for  pizzas, Napolitan pizzas and various types of bread.

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