The best professional equipment for modern, quality restaurants, from mixers to ovens to washers, to make your day lighter 


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Selection of the best machines for restaurants


The “tools” of the trade that help organise a simple, modern production cycle and to obtain a natural, top quality and precise product. Using technology helps make the difference: from the dough to its rising and baking, passing through the very new product refrigeration andcooling systems ...


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Portions dough automatically according to weight and the required shape

Retarder-proofer and leavening cabinet with innovative patented process



for qualified productions of small quantities

Fast blast chiller for pastry shops and bakeries

Controlled fermentation and leavening tray cabinet with innovative patented process



Controlled fermentation and leavening proofer with innovative patented process



for qualified productions of medium quantities


Proofer  with an innovative patented process



Modular electric oven for baking bread, pastries, pizzas, gastronomy products.


EF-B is an electric decks oven intended for baking all types of bakery products. 

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