Pastry makers

Esmach’s new technology guarantees an exceptional result with doughs, and the rising, baking and preservation of oven-baked pastries.

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Selection of the best machines for pastry shops


From the mixer for soft dough to the planetary mixers with rotary ovens … the best of pastry technology to let you work serenely and safely...



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fulfill the requirements of those workshops that yield small to medium size batches


Bench Planetary mixer for for pastry-shops, artisanal bakeries and foodstuff workrooms.


Planetary mixer for for pastry-shops, artisanal bakeries, foodstuff workrooms and industrial kitchens.


Fast blast chiller for pastry shops and bakeries

fulfill he requirements  of those workshops that yield  small to medium  size batches


For Bakeries and Pastry shops, 1 rack for sheets of 400x600 mm

and you can choose too...

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