In Italy, those who deal with bread are since ever considered at the base of our society and, like pizza and many leavened desserts of our tradition, it holds together the nutrition of  many families and many people. It cannot be denied that this period of lockdown and of human distances has complicated the management of labs and stores.

However, if we want to look on the positive side, we can certainly prepare for the recovery by focusing on new needs, on our production processes and on the available equipment. Here are some suggestions with solutions for the use of mother yeast.

We are living in a particular situation, never lived before. There are many questions and doubts that professionals in the bakery and pizza sectors have shared with each other and with their suppliers. "The requests that have come to us concern basic, very concrete issues. It's about how to produce, receive and manage stocks and products, how to satisfy your customers, while maintaining a respectful profile and at the same time treating them with security and positivity" says Paolo Zunino, CEO and General Manager of Esmach. " The baker, the restaurateur and the pizza maker today need to make the best use of their equipment and premises, by focusing on 3 simple objectives: to give their customers a quality product, which should be different and often" espresso ", that means quick; make stocks run better, having limited quantities and using them before they deteriorate; manage peak times, because the requests are concentrated in short time while the demand for delivery of quality products has increased".

Undoubtedly, this situation will influence the next future, at organizational and production level, but also for what concerns the way of thinking or facing this profession. "This is why our bakers, restaurateurs and pizza makers have already asked for a system, that allows them, to get raw material of top quality, to minimize operations, times, and stocks", continues Mr. Zunino. "It will be necessary for all of us to prepare a real "chain", from the warehouse of the supplier of raw materials, to the table (or the sofa of the customer). Today the key words are speed, quality, minimizing operations and managing stocks, together with constant and continuous improvement to work in a simple fast way, by focusing on quality and service".

In the recovery period and in the future of bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants, technology will play a decisive role. "Nowadays, working with bakery products is very different, because the oven has lost its importance, to leave room for excellent doughs, impeccable use of the mother yeasts, preservation of the fresh product up to a moment before cooking. For this reason, today, the only technology that can truly help the job of professionals in the sector is a system that exalts raw materials and natural conservation, and reduces traditional cookingequipment as much as possible, now too large and too expensive in the energy consumption".

This difficult situation highlighted the need for flexible and sustainable equipment.  "Today more than in the past, equipment must adapt to the customer's work and the demand flow that our customer has from his consumers. The rest is an old system that this latest crisis has definitively buried" adds Paolo Zunino. "Esmach has always worked on this system. EsmahLab for bakers,  EsmahLab Smart for cateringand large retailers, EsmahLab Pizza Model for pizza makers, are the work systems that enhance the raw material, drastically reduce energy consumption and production waste, greatly lower working hours and the need for "overqualified" personnel, bringing operating expenses to levels never seen before in the sector. With Esmach the professional can focus on his business, his customers, on the raw material of excellence. You don't need to go crazy at night, chasing a few experts on the square, wasting time and resources: today we can work in a simpler way and with quality raw materials and willing staff, even with little or no experience".

Mr. Zunino concludes: «If we wvould like to describe the bakery lab of the future with 3 adjectives, they would certainly be: easy, clever, manageable by willing and serious staff; sustainable, with reduced operating costs, control of the energy consumption, production and warehouses; rich for our consumer, with a qualitatively higher offer, at a lower cost for us and therefore more profitable, in foreseeable and manageable quantities».


This text was extracted from the interview made by Pizza&Core International n. 100

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