IN THESE DELICATE WEEKS OF HEALTH EMERGENCY RELATED TO Covid-19, all the bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants and, in general, sales and administration activities in Italy, are asking about how to cope with this situation, trying, when possible, to develop new ideas, new initiatives and new ways for bread-making and foodservice.


Those who produce essential goods carry on with their activity, with all the rightful attention, following the precautionary measures and sanitary requirements provided by the Ministerial Decree; on the other side restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops are gearing up to provide home delivery services, adapting to the new situation with all possible flexibility, maybe with different times or with a reduced staff.


The organization of this type of activities can be complicated, especially when we talk about bread-making and natural yeast, products then that require attention, dedication and perseverance. The first thought could be to put aside quality and resort to frozen or pre-cooked products, focusing on foods easier to produce. In cases like these, the equipment present in your lab or in your kitchen can give an important help, enabling the specialists in the sector to maintain the high quality standards they are accustomed, even in times of crisis.


We talk, for instance, about how to maintain liquid natural yeast, in a simple and safe way. Stefano Bongiovanni, Bakery Chef specializing in naturally leavened doughs, tells us his experience.


"I've owned a bakery for 16 years, but I've always had difficulties to manage natural yeast, because it deals with a particular process that requires special attention and dedication" he tells. "I've been working with ESMACH for years now, and with this technological evolution I was able to improve the condition of my life and my business organization, and especially of my handling of natural yeast, that has become extremely easier."


It only takes three simple moves: weigh water and flour, add these two ingredients inside the GL natural yeast generator and press the start button: the machine is already programmed to do its duty. "And I can forget the sourdough for 4, 5, 6 hours, until I need to use it. The consistency of liquid natural yeast will always be extremely creamy, extremely soft and the aroma very heady".


The products obtained with the use of liquid natural yeast are consistent, rich, fragrant and easily digestible. Let us never forget that our physical and emotional well-being depends in large part on what our body absorbs. A healthy, balanced and genuine diet can help us to maintain some of the optimism we need at times like this.


Click to see the interview with Stefano Bongiovanni



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