In a virtual round table, ESMACH involved some of the best professionals in bakery and natural leavening to discover together the importance of mother dough, its properties and characteristics, its use in the mixtures of bread, pizza and pastry, the secrets and the techniques for an easy and safe management. Stefano Bongiovanni, Salvatore De Rinaldi, Gianfranco Fagnola, Giuliano Pediconi and Salvatore Vullo shared their experiences.


Bread obtained with the use of liquid natural yeast is fragrant, rich, rustic looking, with a more crispy crust that helps to maintain moisture and limits the drying of the crumb. The taste is reminiscent of bread of the past… , difficult not to conquer diners with its heady scent. And we are talking not only about bread, but also about pizza, leavened pastries and baked products of various kinds. The most complicated part however, is specifically the management of the leavening process, since, being a “live” food, natural yeast requires special attention.


The difficulty in managing natural leavening often leads to the use of industrial preparations or chemical additives. "Pay attention to what you find on the market" explains Stefano Bongiovanni, "you often see foods sold as made with mother yeast, but that are actually the result of dehydrated or chemical preparations, and have nothing to do with real products with live natural sourdough". It is therefore very important to read the information and labels carefully.


ESMACH, a company that has been serving the world of bakery for over 50 years, is always looking for solutions that can simplify the production process. For instance, a liquid natural yeast generator can be an important ally in the lab or in the kitchen, since it allows you to have mother dough always ready, with an easier management and considerable time savings.


"I remember when we made the first tests with the Liquid Natural Yeast Generator" says Giuliano Pediconi, "I was used to employ yeast in solid form, so this type of equipment broke all my patterns. Despite an initial mistrust, we decided to try and in fact we found another way to handle the leaven. GL allowed me to optimize the work organization, because having a machine that manages the yeast itself is a valuable thing”. Salvatore De Rinaldi specifies: "In fact adding to the management of a store or a club even the handling of natural yeast is not a simple thing. Let’s think about the difficulty of managing yeast with the different external temperatures from North to South Italy, and about how it changes also according to the seasons".


Experts agree: “Nowadays we practically use technology in every aspect of our life and work. We shouldn’t be afraid to avail of it even for the most delicate step of white art, which means leavening. We can't go "feeling", it would be risky". The equipment in the lab allows bakers, pizza makers and pastry chefs to "standardize” the work: it does not mean going to ”industrialize“, but “adjust” a flow and a production process, in a correct way, obtaining always good and high quality products. Gianfranco Fagnola adds "Technology gives us the certainty of having a uniform, repeatable result, with a constant quality. Moreover it simplifies work, in times and ways".


For example, with GL Liquid Yeast Generator from Esmach, the procedure is simple and can be done at any time of the day, depending on the organization of work and the necessary quantities. From a base of natural yeast where flour and water are added to refresh it, the GL yeast generators are ideal for the preparation and storage of mother yeast to be incorporated into the final dough in varying degrees, depending on the product you wish to obtain.


"Every yeast has its own peculiarities and can enhance the various products in different ways, depending on whether you are looking for a certain roundness, as in my Ciabatta bread, or crispiness, or sponginess” explains Giuliano Pediconi. "Obviously changing the flour, you get in consequence different flavors and aromas" continues Salvatore Vullo, "or you can also make mixed leavenings, adding to a base with mother dough some compressed yeast, obtaining products that have the characteristics of both one and the other. This way you can avoid all those artificial food improvement agents that are often added to get specific results". Salvatore De Rinaldi affirms: "At first I was pretty skeptical about trying to make verace pizza entirely with mother yeast, but I decided to try and now I wouldn’t go back. You get a lighter dough, more digestible, you go back a little to the origins of pizza. It's an advantage for both the pizza maker and the diner. When we started using liquid natural yeast in pizza, customers realized the difference. Not that the dough before wasn’t good, but natural yeast further improved my product.”


GL is available in different formats, so as to meet the specific needs of each space. The range is in fact declined in 7 models divided by size: GL MINI for productions of small quantities, GL MIDI for medium-large quantities and GL MAXI for larger quantities.


Obviously technology does not replace the sensitivity of the baker or pizza maker, his desire to experiment, to try.In fact, maybe technology allows you to broaden your horizons, providing all the necessary facilities to continuously improve. Giuliano Pediconi ends: "It would be nice to be able to share recipes and experiences with other bakers: leaven’s not just one, the way to make biga is not only one, and merely through the comparison with others you can have the stimulus to continue in research, to grow together as individuals and as a category".



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