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Gabriele Bonci chose the technology signed Esmach-Bongard for his Workshop in Rome as, really Esmach, in the last fifty years, makes available to white art specialists the best technology, machinery, ovens and mixers, but mainly because Esmach has always been committed to provide COMPLETE and INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, able to optimize and make easier the work of the bakers even in small spaces.


In fact, Gabriele Bonci himself says literally: "And then, it was transparency to definitely convince me, the fact that the spaces are designed in such a way that it is ensured the maximum visibility of the product and the people who work with it. This is a concept that I have been insisting on for years and that pushed me to choose Esmach to realize my workshop”.
It is actually transparency, the ability to transform the baker into a chef of white art in direct contact with the customer, the trademark of the workshops signed Esmach. - from "Il Panificatore Italiano"


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gabrilele bonci ed esmach bongard