Re-design the innovation path: Esmach matches Kaizen philosophy


The power of trends is in the application of deep cultural insights to real business challenges and solutions. To succeed in today’s consumer landscape, we must blend different skills and disciplines to change the way of thinking, designing and creating value across companies.

Innovation and design are the fundaments of Esmach’s approach.

While the first one is a distinct character of the Esmach’s DNA, according to its history and its new developments, its willingness to evolve and precede trends and markets, the second one is part of Kaizen culture.

Born at Toyota’s in Japan, Kaizen is a system that creates awareness and enables companies to develop continuous improvement of people, processes and systems. People are key achieving this goal, as people are the fulcrum of everything, listening to the client and creating value throughout the entire supply chain.

People who change the organization is the main value of this movement, which focalizes its attention on customer’s needs, taking and focuses on streamlining material and information flows. Diagnosis is performed through management led Value Stream Mapping backward, from customer to supplier.

The intersection of this approach with  Esmach’s innovative attitude and Esmach’s Improvement Activity was part of the ALI’s Advanced Kaizen, held at Carpigiani’s headquarters in January.

By this activity, Esmach has been able to re-design different aspects of its way of thinking, designing and developing its products and services.

A tangible example of this new approach is EsmachLab, an innovative bakery business designed listening and talking to different kinds of clients, that aims to innovate and completely re-design the entire way of work inside the bakery sector, and not only…

A shared dynamism that brings to value-making solution, which the entire supply chain can benefit of.

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