Eataly and Esmach, a passion for food through tradition and innovation!


On March 19, 2014 Eataly opened in Milan at Smeraldo, a former historical theatre wisely and skillfully transformed into a food-centered place. Lots of attention on this event was given by media, from blogs to online journals and newspapers for what, at the end, it was just an opening ceremony of another grocery store in Milan.

However, Eataly is not about trading fast moving consumer goods and offering meals at the bistros placed between shelves but it represents a deep step into the Renaissance of the Italian culture across the world, through food. Throughout the tears Eataly has became the Italian portrait of tradition, true values and love for food as fuel for the soul beyond the body, setting the milestone for next year EXPO which main focus is food and culture. Esmach’s equipment, experience and innovation is well placed inside Eataly’s bakery as part of the environment of culture and respect for what you eat. The cooperation with Eataly represents another side of Esmach’s multi-faceted approach aiming to innovate the tradition characterizing this very resilient to change industry. The innovation attitude is also contributing to the development of EsmachLab, the new concept bakery allowing anyone to turn their professional life into a “Daytime baker”, as some national press has already noted, an innovations stepping back into our culture as it allows to bake fresh pizza and bread with mother yeast in only 30 minutes, respecting both the Slow Food principles and the tradition of the well established artisanal bakery. As well, it allows indeed the bakers to live (sleep) at night. An innovation spirit that Eataly has recognized and brought inside their stores to offer “good, clean and fair” bread and pizza, as demanded by their philosophy!

A collaboration that aims to bring Italian culture and innovating soul spirit abroad beyond healthy food, of course.