Liquid yeast processor


MDM yeast processors produce and grant a natural yeast ready to be used at every moment during the day without being submitted to the traditional and strict process steps. From a base of natural yeast, to which wheat and water are be added conveniently, MDM yeast processor allow to process safely the yeast to incorporate into the ingredients in a different percentage according to the product to be obtained.


MDM assure a notable time-saving, programmable and repeatable cycles and a constant working method. Bread and in general leavened oven-baked products, obtained by using liquid natural yeast are top quality, fresh, natural, without any preservatives and artificial components and highly digestible products with a special aroma recalling the handcrafted bread-making in times past.




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Standard Features:

  • Structure and casing are in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Anti-drip opening for output withdrawal
  • Electro-agitator with scraper: blades are removable for easy cleaning: create a spiral movement in the mix, vertically and horizontally to guarantee complete mixing, maturation and preservation of the product at the right temperature
  • Built-in refrigeration unit, air cooling, eco-friendly cooling gas



  • The automated control screen panel manages and records processing times, temperatures and the sequences of all work steps
  • Spigot has a special large opening to make it quicker to extract the product
  • Mounted upon wheels
  • Voltage: 230/400-3-50 Hz


MDM 32 55 Esmach liquid yeast processor

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