GL MINI - 5 -10 -20

Liquid yeast processor

Gl MINI-5-10-20 liquid yeast processors are equipments developed for making and conserving liquid yeast to add to the final dough in a variable quantity ranging from 15 to 30% and able to confer flavour, lightness as well as  freshness to the fresh-baked product. 


In virtue of their specific features and dimensions, these  processors are particularly suitable for being used in artisanal bakeries and pastry workrooms and for qualified small productions.

  • GL MINI-5    :  10 Kg bowl total capacity,

                        bowl  usable capacity:  5 kg

  • GL MINI-10   : 15 Kg bowl total capacity,

                        bowl usable capacity: 10 kg

  • GL MINI-20   : 33 Kg bowl total capacity,

                        bowl usable capacity: 20 kg








Standard Features:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel structural frame and outer paneling.
  • Drip-proof opening for liquid yeast outflow.
  • Electro-agitator with scraper, removable blades for cleaning.
  • Built-in and air-cooled refrigeration unit, eco-friendly liquid refrigerant.
  • Digital control unit for maturation and conservation time and temperature control.





  • Removable machine head allowing full access to the bowl during cleaning operations.
  • Opening for visual inspection and introduction of ingredients through a rotating cover top equipped with a grid.
  • The 20-Kg model is put on casters equipped with a  revolving support.
  • The 5 and 10 kg models are to be placed on a bench.
VIDEO & Specifications
GL MINI 5 10 20

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