Liquid yeast processor

FERMENTOLEVAINTM   are equipments allowing both preparation and conservation of liquid yeast to be added to the different final dough mixtures.  The range includes  two models: FL 80  and  FL  140  with a total capacity of 75 kg (usable capacity of max. 60 kg.) and 125 kg (usable capacity of max. 100 kg), respectively.









FERMENTOLEVAINTM  is particularly suitable for professional bakeries  that pay specific attention to the good-tasting quality  of the final freshly baked product: the use of liquid yeast while dough kneading  allows  the dough  mixing time to be actually shortened,  the beehive-shaped structure to be improved, conferring a better mechanical tolerance (softness and lengthen). The final product  achieves particular flavour and taste according to liquid yeast percentage added to the dough mixture.





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Standard Features:

  • The tank, the cold unit and the control panel are included in an electro galvanized steel frame, built on 4 turning wheels (the 2 front ones have breaks) and equipped with two lateral stainless steel handles to move it.
  • Jackets of thermoformed plastic protecting against shocks, stainless steel lateral housing.
  • The general switch is placed on the side of the machine.
  • Stainless steel tank and pair of tools for an efficient and homogeneous mixing. Each tool is driven by a motor-reducer, in order to calibrate the working cycle of the liquid leaven, and to avoid excessive oxidation.
  • The main tool has a scraper to improve the mixing efficiency and to avoid the leaven remains on the tank walls. The tools are quickly and easily removable.
  • The flour loading is easier thanks to a large opening on the top of the machine protected by a grid. A transparent lid assures good visibility.
  • An integrated water connection device allows a connection to the water supply, or can be linked to a water mixer.
  • The FermentolevainTM is equipped with a double outlet as a standard:
    – the upper outlet has a “guillotine” flood-gate, precise and perfectly tight
    – the lower outlet allows a total emptying of the tank for cleaning operations


  • The cold unit is positioned on the bottom of the machine equipped with ventilation grids, at the front and at the back. Front access for easy maintenance operations. The refrigerant fluid gas is R404A, without impact on the ozone strata
  • Hermetic control panel (IP65 classification). Easy programming of the 3 functioning parameters, with memorizing of the parameters: fermentation temperature, fermentation time and conservation time
  • Automatic devices for operational safety and functional efficiency
    – automatic stop of the tools and of the heating and cooling devices when the safety grid is opened
    – buzzer alarm when the safety grid is opened for more than 5 minutes
    – the programmed cycle continues when grid is closed again
    – device that self-regulates the mixing speed, to avoid risk of overflowing
  • The electrical box is quickly accessible at the top without dismantling of the jackets
  • Electrical power supply: V 400/3/50 Hz (different voltages on request)



  • Cleaning device with integrated “shower”

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