E/R 50-300

Water cooler and cooler-heater vertical and suspended horizontal models

Water coolers E/R 50-300 provide a supply of cooled water which, appropriately metered, can be used to obtain mix-tures at constant temperature independently of the ambient temperature. 



It is therefore an essential working tool for the modern bread-making process since an appropriate temperature control of dough mixture contributes to define the quality of the finished product.







  • Vertical coolers to be placed on a support stand (option) or to be installed on a wall at client’s own expense. Water can be taken out by gravity feed or by water pump (option).
  • Wall horizontal coolers with standard brackets for installation on the wall (at client’s own expense). Provided  with:  15 litre/minute capacity water pump and electronic liter meter. (reference water temperature: inlet + 18°C /outlet+3°C).



  • Standard coolers, suitable for a max. water outflow per hour equal to the nominal capacity of the bowl.
  • Rapid coolers, equipped with reinforced cooler unit allowing water to be taken out  up to 4 times  per hour, each one equal to the nominal capacity of the bowl.
  • Standard and rapid coolers with heater: in addition to the above  mentioned performances, option of heating water.  An only one electronic thermo-regulator activates the refrigerating group automatically or the heater unit according to water temperature set and the one effective in the bowl. Operating temperature: + 1°C +35°C.


Accessories for vertical coolers:

  • E/A 30L and E/A 60L water pump ( to take out water at a distance and to be combined with electronic water mixers and liter meters ).
  • E/C 30 electronic liter meter device.
  • CD/1  Coated support stand,  800 mm height.






Standard Specifications:

  • Steel structural frame.
  • Stainless steel bowl and outer paneling.
  • Bowl heat insulation made of high-density resin.
  • Mixing-water pump inside the bowl to confer uniformity of temperature.
  • Hermetic cooler unit.



  • Electronic thermoregulator with display for both desired and current water temperatures
  • Emergency ball-cock and anti-flooding electro-valve
  • Heating elements made of plated stainless steel serpent coils (only for coolers/heaters)

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