Saturne 3

Planetary mixer


Saturne 3 line, a new generation of planetary mixers, represents an evolution and a further development of the successful Saturne from which has taken advantage of improvements, innovations and fine-tuning not only to the mechanical part but also to ergonomics and functionality of use.



 Acting as modern and versatile machines designed for pastry-shops, artisanal bakeries, foodstuff workrooms and industrial kitchens.  Saturne 3 planetary mixers are appropriate  — due to their range of interchangeable tools—  for making a variety of creams, mixture and dough of different consistency and texture,  typical of the traditional pastry production as well as gastronomy products such as sauces and mayonnaise.



Available configurations: 

  • Saturne 3 - EM 3V - three-working speeds, electro-mechanical control panel, working mode by timer.
  • Saturne 3 - 3V -  three-working speeds, electronic control panel and working mode by hand or timer.
  • Saturne 3 - E - stepless variable speed, electronic control panel and working mode by hand or timer.


Standard tools included: stainless steel whisk, aluminium beater and spiral.



Options and accessories:

  • Stainless steel structural frame
  • Stainless steel beater and spiral (instead of aluminium) supplied as standard
  • Stainless steel or aluminium hook tool
  • Additional bowl
  • Electric heater
  • Bowl-holder mini trolley



Kit for reduction of capacity (with adjusted stainless steel bowl + stainless steel whisk, aluminium or stainless steel beater, aluminium or stainless steel spiral)

  • 10 liter kit  ð  Saturne 3   20 and 40L
  • 20 liter kit  ð  Saturne 3   40 and 60L
  • 40 liter kit  ð  Saturne 3   60L





Standard Features:

  • Steel structural frame, cast-iron bowl-holder arms and shockproof thermoformed ABS cover top.
  • Painted with epoxy powder coating (suitable for food contact). Alternatively, stainless steel structure.
  • Stainless steel bowl and stainless steel flour protective cover top.
  • Simple, quick and safe bowl hooking of new generation    without fixing levers.
  • Machine lifted up from floor by 4 support feet.
  • Rear adjustable levelling feet for optimum machine stability on floor.
  • Lid: plastic and transparent bowl lid suitable for food contact in compliance with the strictest hygienic and safety regulations.  New generation of rotating lid, easy to remove and to clean, equipped with a wide opening for ingredients to be added.



  • New generation of quick and intuitive bayonet–connection tool.
  • Bowl up-down operations by hand through an ergonomic  handle, properly balanced to minimize any operator’s effort.  
  • Bowl removable option with assembled tool.
  • Sturdy, accurate and silent mechanics due to a mixed transmission system with belts and leakproof lubricated special steel gears.
  • Automatic activation of stop brake for tool rotation while lifting up the grid.
  • Power supply: 400V/3/50 Hz (different voltage upon request).
  • Low-voltage electric control panel.

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