TSPI 80 -200

Self-tipping spiral mixer

TSPI is a compact self-tipping mixer, consisting of a SPI spiral mixer permanently coupled with a hydraulic lifter, designed to lift up the entire machine body vertically and, through a rotation, to tip the dough in the bowl onto the underlying worktable or onto the special volumetric divider hopper, on the right- or the left-hand side, according to the type of model chosen.









TSPI combines consequently the features of functionality, modernity, ergonomics and high performance of SPI mixers with the effectiveness of a reliable and safe lifting and tipping system, which, even within narrow spaces, allows the kneaded dough to be moved to the next working process without physical efforts for the operator.











  • TSPI HR : right-hand side tipping
  • TSPI HL : left-hand side tipping



  • TSPI BR :  right-hand lside tipping
  • TSPI BL :  left-hand side tipping





  • The machine is available in electronic version only and can be supplied with the following accessories:

  • Lid + grid: stainless steel grid in addition to the transparent lid;

  • Dough temperature detector with infrared sensor, visualization on display and stop option of the working process .




Standard Features:

  • .Shockproof thermoformed ABS head cover.
  • Manual or automatic selection and monitoring of working cycle  through a membrane keyboard panel in the electronic version.   Storage of up to 9 recipes. 
  • High-resistant stainless steel bowl, spiral arm and dividing  blade
  • Transparent plastic bowl lid suitable for food contact in compliance  with the strictest hygienic and safety regulations.
  • Electric panel housed in an IP55 protection box.
  • Rigid and torsional stress-resistant single-body structure and outer paneling coated with epoxy powder.




  • Access to facilitate inspection and routine maintenance.
  • Hydraulic lifting and tipping system.
  • Column positioned upwards or downwards  on the right- or the left-hand side, depending on the tipping requirements.
  • Lifter control device with  two-hand  and “hold-to run” push- button panel including:

- up and down driving buttons
- driving buttons for bowl rotation during tipping (version from the bottom)
- driving buttons for bowl and spiral arm rotation (version from the top ).


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