FBL Standard

"French"  fork mixer with fixed bowl


FBL Standard machine is particularly suitable for dough kneading requiring high hydration (such as for baguettes).

The specific geometry of the two-speed rotation mixing fork, well matching with the bowl shape, assures a process of quality throughout the main bread-making phases.



The machine is easy to keep clean due to its structural frame lifted up from floor by support feet.






Standard features:

  • 1 Timer.
  • Triangle-shaped and one-direction rotation two-arm fork to be lifted up through manual release.
  • Two-working speeds for dough kneading.
  • Free stainless steel bowl with manual brake.
  • Plastic and transparent bowl lid suitable for food contact in compliance with the strictest hygienic and safety regulations.



  • 24V low-voltage electric control panel.
  • Structural frame easy to disassemble in case of difficult access to bakery workroom.
  • Power supply: 400V/3/50 Hz (different voltage upon request).




Structural frame painted with epoxy powder coating and  assembled on four stainless steel support feet.



Triangular section arm with two forks and one direction of rotation, raisable by manual unlocking


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