Paneotrad®  is a machine originally designed to make traditional style breads. It is now adapted to all types of bread-making in which the priority goes to finding a relatively irregular structured bread crumb (with large holes). Revolutionary in its concept, the use of Paneotrad respects the dough's structure, without degassing or using stressful operations involved in traditional dough dividing and moulding. The crumb is well-structured, more resistant, while remaining soft, elastic and remarkable in flavour.



Operating principle .

  • A specific dividing & moulding tub containing the dough to be shaped is placed in Paneotrad.  An equalising tray flattens the dough. Depending on the forming die chosen by the baker and installed on Paneotrad, the dough will undergo one or several cuts to obtain the required number of dough pieces. Thus shaped, it may then be directly baked, or stored in a chiller until the next baking.




Available accessories

    • Depanning block (standard supply) helps to remove the dough from the dividing tub.
    • Mobile tub storage table with flour duster. The flour duster spreads the flour evenly on the  bottom of the plastic tub, avoiding any risk of sticking. Stainless steel or wooden top. Stainless steel

 base mounted on 4 castors, 2 of them self blocking. 2 X 5 tray slides rack

Mobile tub storage table (up to 5 tubs) for depanning block


Construction :

  • Forming dies and dividing tubs in food grade plastic.
  • Equalizing tray.
  • Trasparent sliding access door.
  • Mounted on swivel castors.
  • Corner frames, door framers and spacers in stainless steel.



  • Pre-lacquered panels.
  • Program for soft and hard dough.
  • Forming dies selection button and dual cut combinations.
  • Automation via PLC controls.

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