Paneotrad® is  a machine originally designed to make bread following tradition, has been now adapted for most kinds of bread-making where a very soft and airy texture crumb is a priority. Revolutionary in its concept, Paneotrad® is able to maintain the dough texture since it avoids degassing and any stressful operations used for conventional dough dividing and forming.  The result is not only a well-textured and more resistant  but also an incomparable in flavour, elastic and soft crumb. 

Paneotrad®  is a simple and versatile machine providing a lot of solutions to bread-making not only in terms of a variety of shapes in the final product but also in terms of the bread-making process.



Operating principle .

  • The baker starts placing the dividing tub with the dough to be shaped into Paneotrad® (previously preserved in a dough storage tub at 4°C for 24/72 H) .Then the operating mode required will be selected: forming or simple flattening (a third «cleaning» operating mode is available).

    Before starting the working cycle, the baker proceeds to select  the cut combination among 6 options offered by the 3 dies on the die-holder and sets the flattening pressure to apply to the dough: hard dough, soft dough o no flattening.

    Once Paneotrad® working cycle has ended, the pieces of shaped dough are ready to be baked then.




Available accessories

  • Depanning device to remove dough from the removable bottom dividing tub (standard supply)
  • Support complete with flour duster and reclining plane surface    (optional)
  •   Storage support for removable dies and dividing tubs to be  fitted to the machine or suitable for wall version.


Duration of the cycle time:
Approximate duration of time between start of the cycle (activation of green button ) and end of the cycle (green led off)
              Flattening + simple cut : 48 s
              Simple cut : 30 s
              Flattening + double cut : 76 s
              Double cut : 67 s
              Flattening : 22 s


Construction :

  • Forming dies, storage & dividing tubs in polymer material suitable for food contact
  • 1 transparent balanced sliding door
  • 1 window to visualize dies
  • Installed on swivel casters
  • Stainless steel corner frames, door frames and spacers
  • Coated sheet steel outer paneling
  • Electro-mechanical control panel




  • Saving of time during bread-making process
  • Just-in-time production
  • Excellent quality of bread
  • Wide selection of bread loaves shapes : 30 dies available/ more than 60 feasible shapes
  • Easy and ergonomic use
  • Better quality of life while working 
  • Compact, to be easily placed even in narrow spaces in the work room
  • Easy cleaning
  • Significant reduction in flour powder dispersion
  • Safety checked through an audit by an independent body




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