PM Compact

Compact Automatic group for rolled bread and slack dough




The new PM Compact, a versatile and functional, compact in its overall dimensions but fully performing, modular, ergonomic and safe automatic group for rolled bread and slack dough, has been developed to meet modern requirements of artisanal bread-making,  where polyvalence of use, associated with optimum output, allows a wide range of products to be cut, shaped and long moulded from dough of different consistency.



Available in stainless steel or painted version, electronically equipped, with reversible control panels and, optionally, complete  with one or two moulders and long loaf moulder, PM Compact group may be configured by users according to their specific needs.  Compact dimensions allow the machine to be placed and handled even in narrow workroom spaces.




  • PM group is standard equipped with electronic control panel controlled by a microprocessor. Once selected the 1– or 2-or 3-way system of cut and thickness of dough pieces,  both weight and hourly output of dough pieces (values shown on display) are to be set by the operator through a digital keyboard. Working speed and length of dough pieces are set automatically by the microprocessor. Adjustment function of dough piece weight to compensate slight +/- weight deviations, due to a variation of dough specific weight during processing, is  also included in the electronic control panel.  Value of +/- correction shown on display.
  • Double start/stop controls of the divider placed at the exit of second moulder.



  • Stainless steel structural frame and outer paneling.
  • Electrical and mechanical controls of machine head and moulders on the opposite side (referring to the technical sheet). Second  moulder turnable from the opposite side.
  • Long loaf moulding belt with pressing device, tipping or fixed drawer to collect pieces and pre-arranged to place first moulder on conveyor belt delivery to extend dough pieces previously rolled up and make long rolled loaves up to 480 mm.
  • Configuration without second moulder, but pre-arranged for a future installation  
  • PMT– PM COMPACT dividing head, on a base with casters, and without moulders.




  • Steel structural frame and outer paneling on casters,   with double anti-corrosion cycle and epoxy powder coating  (suitable for food contact).
  • Option: stainless steel structural frame and outer paneling.
  • 24 Volt low voltage electric control panel.
  • Electric system housed in an IP 55 protection grade box.
  • Feeding conveyor belt at an ergonomic height, moving forward automatically, with self-adjustable system for dough loading at the head of divider controlled by an electromagnetic detector to prevent any clogging up.
  • Laminating and dividing head developed to cut both soft and dry dough.  Adjustable rolling system composed of a central grooved roller and 3 flattening stainless steel cylinders to have dough of variable thickness, according to consistency and softness of the different kinds of dough.  Option to vary thickness of dough pieces, in addition to length, allowing  them to be also made in a wide variety of shapes. 
  • Teflon-coated stainless steel blades, easy to change for a 1-2-or 3-way work processing and assuring a degree of precision while cutting and then dividing dough pieces.


  •  Tool-holder drawer for unused blades.
  • Stainless steel adjustable flour duster placed at the laminating and dividing head and adjustable in dispensing up until its exclusion.  Flour-waste collecting drawer at the head base. 
  • Delivery of dough pieces soon after dividing, proceeding to next moulding or long loaf moulding stages allowed through two conveyor belts with counterposed moving forward system inside the head by means of a practical mechanical selector.  Conveyor belt for delivery of dough pieces, placed on the rear side of the head, to be tipped upward when not used to maintain the requisites of extreme compactness which inspired the development of PM group.
  • 4-cylinders moulders, the second one is orientable, both complete with stainless steel  trays for collecting dough pieces.
  • Anti-waste device on both moulders, adjustable through micrometric steering for better rolling up of larger and dry dough pieces. 
  • Stop device of upper conveyor belt in both moulders; in deactivating the rolling up process, a simple rolling of dough pieces is allowed.   



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