Automatic group for rolled bread




The EGR-2B Esmach automatic group for rolled bread comprises a rotative divider, a first moulder, a rest belt, a second turnable moulder and a long moulding device. All of which can be combined in the desired manner so as to produce traditional rolled bread (banane, mantovane, filoncini, biove, maggiolini, ecc.) and rolled loaves long up to 480 mm.

The side exit conveyor, which is available as an option, allows the user to collect dough portions before their moulding or to combine the group with conical or screw rounders.



The feeding belt lowered to a height of 1405 mm. to ease dough loading and the powered conveyor belt for dough portion collection at the exit of the second moulder improve the comfortable and ergonomic use of the group.




Controls :

  • The EGR-2B group is equipped with a microprocessor controller electronic control panel. Once single or double output and dough thickness have been selected, the user can choose the desired weight and hourly output by means of a digital keyboard. Work speed and dough portion length are automatically determined by the microprocessor. The electronic control panel allows to finely adjust the product weight so as to compensate for weight fluctuations due to changes in the dough specific weight. The +/- weight correction value is visible on the display.
  • Divider start/stop double controls placed at the exit of the second moulder.



  • UL side exit conveyor belt placed between the head and the first moulder suitable for collecting dough portions before their moulding.





Standard features:

  • Steel structure mounted on wheels.
  • Outer casing painted with dual cycle anti-corrosion treatment using epoxy powders (food contact).
  • 24V low voltage electric control panel.
  • The automatic feeding belt h. mm. 1405 features a system controlled by an electromagnetic detector apt at self-adjusting the dough input to the divider so as to prevent clogging.
  • The dividing head has a cutting system with rotative blades specifically developed for processing single or double piece output. The high quality mechanics allows to change the portion thickness, besides their length, so as to increase the range of shapes to produce.
  • The conveyor belts at the divider exit can be widened so as to have one or two way production.
  • Quality and reliability of mechanical components along with its high-level workmanship ensure long-lasting trouble-free production and piece weighing accuracy.



  • Teflon-coated stainless steel blades easy to change, to work at one or two ways and to guarantee a perfect cut and dough division.
  • The EGR/2B group features a four cylinder moulder with stainless steel tray for dough portion collection as well as a three cylinder turnable moulder with independent motor belt for dough portion collection. Useful width 460 mm wide, thus allowing to have two way production without any risk of contact between portions.
  • A double anti-rejection device, adjustable by means of a micrometric handwheel, has been designed to obtain a better rolling up of large pieces and dry dough.
  • A device disactivating the upper belt functioning stops the rolling up process and allows to obtain the simple calendering of portions.
  • Long moulding belt with adjustable pressing device enabling to lengthen portions after the first moulding and to obtain rolled loaves long up to 480 mm.



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