Hexagonal shape divider



The DIE/37 is an automatic hydraulic divider mainly utilised to prepare the hexagonal-shaped pieces of dough for the following moulding of bread like “rosetta”,  “tartaruga”, etc.







Standard features :

  • Automatic hydraulic divider for 37 hexagonal portions with side length 57 mm. (DIE/37) or 60 mm. (DIE/37 M);
  • mm 65 plate depth;
  • 24V low voltage electric control panel;
  • Electronic devices to adjust pressure time and strength;
  • Uniform spreading of dough and very precise cut to obtain portions having extremely regular shape and weight;



  • Completely automatic work cycle, including stop at the end of each cycle and lid opening;
  • Bowl capacity: gr. 5000 (DIE/37)  with pieces range  of gr 40÷130  and  gr. 5500 (DIE/37 M) with pieces range of 45÷150.


  • Painted steel structure;
  • Stainless steel bowl, lid and blades;
  • Bottom part of the bowl coated with polyethylene suitable for food contact;

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