Automatic hydraulic divider





The hydraulic divider DVMach is an automatic machine for dividing, only in one operation, dough up to 20 kg into 10 or 20 equal parts. The working flexibility of the machine is increased further more through the adoption of the following options: "grid" for small sizes and "pressure regulation" to help the processing of low hydration mixtures.

With "HEX" device, DVMach creates hexagon shapes which are useful when making stamped breads, "rosetta" buns and "soffiata" (puffed buns).











Standard features :

  • Steel structure, mounted on wheels, ABS thermoformed outer casings and oven painted with epoxy powders.
  • Stainless steel bowl unit and blades.
  • Polyethylene monobloc dividers and inner surface of the lid
  • Cover with ergonomic handle and assisted system in closing/opening.
  • Flour recovery device to limit its dispersion in the environment.
  • Hydraulic functioning: the pump is driven by a microprocessor device "stop & go" to optimize the working time, reducing stress and oil temperature.
  • Oil tank capacity 18 lt.




  • Centralized control panel that includes all the operational functions and controls.
  • Max. bowl capacity 20 Kg.
  • Dough pieces range from 160 gr. up to 2000 gr.
  • 10 and 20 portions expandable with the adoption of further more dividing grids (option).
  • The DIVIMACH is manufactured in the standard version and the version prepared for the installation of the grid, both configurations may be accompanied by the device for the adjusting pressing intensity in order to facilitate the processing of low hydration mixtures.
  • DVMach AGP version (with grid adapter and dual pressure device) can be fitted with Hex to get 35 portions of  40-90 gr (dough capacity gr 1400-3150).

Accessories :

  • More dividing grids for various sizes, only on prepared models, see drawings on next page.
  • Hex for 35 hexagonal portions of 40-90 gr (dough capacity 1400-3150 gr) - only for  AGP version



  • Rectangular plastic dough trays mm 480x360 prof. 140 to prepare the loading of the dough into the bowl.
  • Trolley for 8 plastic dough trays mm 585x575x1880.

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