Standard and Deluxe Dough Sheeter 






Configurations :

  • Standard version, speed of delivery conveyor belt : 60 cm/sec
  • Deluxe version, variable speed of delivery conveyor belt  ranging from 12 up to 60 cm/sec,  electronically adjustable and visualization of set thickness shown on display.


NB:  No cutting-roller supplied as a standard.






Standard features :

  • Painted steel structural frame on casters and thermoformed ABS cover.
  • Synthetic and polyurethane-coated conveyor belts.
  • Stainless steel trays for dough collection and painted conveyor belt support frames.
  • Laminating cylinders with 84 mm Ø and adjustable opening ranging from 0,2 up to 50 mm.
  • Ergonomic, precise and thickness-adjustable handle of new generation with graduated double toothing scale. For “Deluxe” version the value set is shown on display.



  • Easily removable polyethylene scrapers.
  • Rolling-pin holder supports on both surface extremities, rolling-pins included as a standard supply.
  • Conveyor belt working surfaces foldable upwards once production has ended in order to contain machine surface area.
  • Reversal of conveyor belt direction with double controls, i.e. manual and through pedals.

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