Sheeter – Standard and Luxe





Configurations :

  • Standard Version, exit belt speed 60 cm/sec.
  • Luxe Version, exit belt speed variable from 12 to 60 cm/sec. with electronic regulation showing on display the set thickness.



Standard features :

  • Painted steel structure mounted on wheels, ABS thermoformed lid;
  • Synthetic conveyor belts, polyurethane coated.
  • Stainless steel catch pans for dough collection, belt supporting frames painted;
  • Laminating cylinders Ø mm 84 with opening adjustable from 0,2 up to 55 mm;
  • Thickness adjustment handle newly developed, ergonomic and accurate, with graduated double teeth



  • scale. In the “Luxe” version the set value is visualized on display;
  • Polyethylene scrapers, easily removable
  • Rolling pins supports on both belt supporting frames, rolling pins supplied.
  • The belt supporting frames can be lifted to reduce the machine dimensions when production has ended.
  • System to reverse belt direction with double controls, manual and pedal.

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