Long moulder for "baguettes" french loaves





FFBT long loaf moulder is suitable for making French bread  such as “baguettes”, “petit-pain”, “parisienne” and –  in wider terms – loaves and small loaves from high hydration dough requiring a very careful processing.





Standard features :

  • Laminating of dough through two non-stick material-coated cylinders, rolling up through a mesh rolling up conveyor belt, extending of loaves through two wool-felt conveyor belts with opposite motion.
  • Wool felt–coated chute for collection of loaves, foldable upwards.
  • Very noiseless driving belts.
  •  Output performance: dough pieces ranging from a weight of min. 80 g up to max. 1000 g;  approximate max. output 1500 pieces/h (FFBT)






configurations :

  • FFBT:  Version for manual loading 

Options :

  • Standard trolley:  painted steel tubular support on casters
  • Stainless steel trolley:  painted steel tubular support on casters





Costruction :

  • Aluminium alloy and steel structural frame painted with double anti-corrosion cycle and epoxy powder coating (suitable for food contact).
  • Thermoformed ABS side outer paneling and control panel.
  • Laminating thickness and loaf length adjustment through micrometric steering.

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