Long moulder



The 4-cylinder FE/4C-S long moulder is particularly suitable for processing dry and elastic dough and is mainly used in the automatic lines coupled to the ECP intermediate prover.




Standard features :

  • Rolling through four adjustable opening rolls.
  • Pre-winding net to prepare dough portions for long moulding by means of three stainless steel adjustable and interchangeable pressing devices with sides made of polyethylene suitable for alimentary use,



    • designed to mould loaves with cut-off ends.
    • Performances: piece weight from 100 up to 1600 gr. with loaf lenght of mm. 150 - 200 - 380.

Construction :

  • Painted steel casing and structure mounted on wheel.
  • Painting with dual cycle anti-corrosion treatment using epoxy powders (food contact).
  • Feeding conveyor belt suitable to be used with ECP intermediate prover.

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