Long loaf moulder



FE long loaf moulder is mostly used for processing soft dough to make Tuscan type bread due to strengthening requirements during the loaf moulding process.





Features :

  • Loading conveyor belt  for a direct 90° coupling with Esmach  volumetric dividers or with AC conical rounders equipped with  powered conveyor belt.
  • Laminating of dough through two cylinders with adjustable opening.
  • Pre-rolling device suitable for pre-arranging dough pieces  to long loaf moulding.



  • Long loaf moulding in two consecutive stages: dough to strengthen in order to confer first shape to loaf through a first  adjustable pressing device with polyethylene-coated sides.  
  •    Loaf to extend and to mould through a second adjustable and interchangeable flat-or round-shaped pressing device to have loaves either with cut-off or elongated extremities.

Construction :

  • Painted steel outer paneling and structural frame on casters.

Double painted anti-corrosion cycle and epoxy powder coating (suitable for food contact)


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