Automatic intermediate proofer





ECP intermediate proofer is usually used for automatic bread-making lines and it is suitable for pre-fermentation of dough pieces after dividing and rounding and before final shaping and rising of dough pieces, assuring continuity of the production cycle at a pre-set pace of work. ECP proofer is developed and sized -  according to needs required -  in order to confer dough pieces, inside a  closed structure, an appropriate time of rest with controlled ventilation, upon request.

 ECP proofer is usually fed by AC conical rounders with AT counterposed conveyor belts or directly by volumetric dividers with an incorporated roller device. 


The opening to deliver dough pieces is usually to couple with long loaf moulder for baguettes and long moulder for small loaves and loaves, for pan bread and long moulder for large loaves.  ECP proofer is available in four standard models. However, it is a machine mostly built upon specific customer’s requirements, the proofer can be equipped specifically and differently from the models mentioned: in this case,  dimensions and number of pockets for each hanger, the number of hangers and the automatic loading system are defined according to the size of dough pieces, time of rest and  pace of working time required.




Standard features :


  • Double painted anti-corrosion cycle and epoxy powder-coated  steel sheet structural frame and outer paneling (suitable for food contact).
  • Swinging frames for pocket-holder (hangers) made of galvanized steel tubing.
  • Material of dough piece pocket: nylon mesh.




  • Powered system connected to a microswitch-controlled automatic loading device and adjusting intermittent moving forward of hangers through a chain transmission system.
  • 24 Volt low voltage  electric control panel with 3 sockets for machine connection in line. 
  • UV-ray germicide lamp as standard supply.



Standard performances:

  • Weight of dough pieces ranging from 200/300 to 1300 g.
  • Pace of work time: max. 1200 pc/h, compatible with the time of rest.
  • Option to advance piece unloading of 1/8 or 2/8 of the max. time of rest.
  • Unloading chute with option to receive pieces from the last 3 deliveries.



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