Dough refining cylinder





CRUISE EVO is a refining cylinder able to roll up to 30 kg of dough  in successive processing stages to set.  It is mostly suitable for artisan bakeries but, as a consequence of its top qualities of sturdiness and reliability, the machine is also successfully used   - after a duly proper adjustment - for automatic industrial bread-making lines, processing dough for “tramezzino” sandwich bread and pan bread, i.e. sliced bread.





 Standard features :

  • Capacity : 20-30 kg of dough with 3-roller and double rolling cylinders.
  • 3 chromium-plated ground cylinders of large diameter, fitted on elastomer shock absorbing device, calibrated to adjust progressively the opening according to nature and quality of dough to be processed. Once optimum processing conditions are reached, cylinders return to the initial rolling selected by the operator. This passage enables both motor and mechanical components not only to be protected against excessive and damaging stress but also to roll dough intensively and efficaciously, by avoiding any fibre tearing.


  • Option of either felt  or washable plastic conveyors belts suitable for food contact.  Adjustable device at cylinder inlet, to fold dough  into “ herringbone “ shape.
  • Timer for adjustment of rolling time and knob for adjustment of rolling thickness.
  • Scrapers on rollers.
  • Low voltage electrical system.
  • Sensitive safety front bar connected to a micro-switch stopping the machine at slightest contact.



Costruction :

  • Stainless steel structural frame and outer paneling on casters; polyethylene –coated sides suitable for food contact.

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