CROY 3000

Automatic « croissant » line





CROY-3000  “ croissant” unit  is a modern and versatile automatic machine that allows not only croissants of any shape to be made but also allows the dough to be only cut  - through a suitable by-pass conveyor belt -  in  order to have various shapes and sizes of dough pieces to process subsequently.






  • Cutting width: 550 mm
  • Dough calibrator to confer uniformity to thickness of dough sheet and to join dough pieces each other in order to avoid any waste between the head and the extremity of dough pieces.
  • Calibrating cylinders with mm 60 mm diameter and 0÷15 mm opening.
  • Cutting head of dough sheet in 2 stages to avoid any sticking to mould.



  • Differentiated speed of conveyor belts to convoy pieces into the rolling-up device with regularity.
  • Pre-arrangement for application of interchangeable cutting rollers and easily to replace.
  • Dough-waste collecting device with a waste-basket placed under the cutting head unit.
  • Rolling-up device for croissants with adjustable levers for the opening of cylinders and conveyor belts in order to shape products  according to size and consistency required.


  • Steel structural frame on casters.
  • Partially painted and partially stainless steel outer paneling.

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